For the past few years I've been a strong advocate of Gun Owners of America as a pro-gun alternative to the gun rights sellout National Rifle Association, but I just lost a bunch of respect for GOA.  Although they fully understand, the "shall not be infringed," part, they seem to have some difficulty with the, "right of the people," part.

The ACLU recently filed a lawsuit against the State of South Dakota seeking to overturn a 2002 law which restricted concealed carry licenses to US citizens.  In response, GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt said, "If the guy wants to enjoy the full benefit of residing in the United States become a citizen. He’s been here for 30 years what’s he waiting for?"

GOA is famous for asking, "What part of, 'shall not be infringed,' do you not understand?"  So, Mr. Pratt, what part of, "the right of the people," do you not understand?  Here's your answer.  The Second Amendment says a grand total of zilch about citizens.  It guarantees RKBA to people.

Please don't get me wrong about the NRA.  They have excellent sporting and safety programs, but they have long been wishy washy on the Second Amendment.  The GOA has very few such indiscretions.