I know what you're thinking. "This country is a Republic, not a Democracy," and you're right.  Democrats, on the other hand, keep claiming to support Democracy, but… as usual a disproportionately large number of Democratic designating petitions have been challenged this year.
Petitions Challenged
Party Candidates* Challenges
Democratic 99 21
Republican 125 3
Conservative 115 0
Working Families 52 2
Independence 141** 4***

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a democratic or republican system of government depend on voters actually going to the polls and casting votes for their preferred candidates?  Of course getting all of your opponents kicked off the ballot is much easier than actually winning an election.

* Cross endorsed candidates are counted for each party.

** Includes 4 "Opportunity to Ballot" petitions.

*** One "Opportunity to Ballot" petition was challenged.

Source: Monroe County Board of Elections