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The 2012 Freedom Roc's candidate endorsements are out.

Before the actual endorsements, please note that in most races we endorse pseudo-candidate None Of The Above (NOTA).  There is no option on the ballot for NOTA, so this needs to be cast as a write-in candidate.  At the bottom of the ballot sheet is a row of empty boxes for write-in candidates.  In any column where we list NOTA as our endorsement or where we don't list an office, we recommend that you write-in a vote for NOTA.

Correction: As humans we occasionally make mistakes.  In this case, we confused two candidates with the last name Hanna.  Thanks to YouTube users MrOveO and nydailynews for pointing out that Sean Hanna supports a number of libertarian positions.

(*) Denotes what we believe to be the lesser of two evils.
(**) Green Party candidate Drew Langdon is personally less evil than David Gantt, but aside from hemp we see no redeeming qualities in his published platform.