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[screen shot of a search for committee and floor votes]According to news reports, the New York Senate has passed a Draconian new anti-gun Bill that would limit magazine capacity to seven rounds and redefine the term, "assault weapon," to be much more sweeping.  Unfortunately, the Bill text is not even available to the public, yet (see screen shots).

[screen shot of attempt to view the Bill text]The Assembly is meeting this morning to consider the same Bill.  In the past it has fallen to the Senate to be a stabilizing force to provide a backstop against this kind of tyranny, but with the new leadership sharing BS the Republicans agreed to give the Democrats there will be no more killing of anti-gun Bills in committee.

Other things that are supposedly in the Bill are bans on some ammunition, a NICS check for ammo purchases, and pistol license expiration.  Again, I cannot currently confirm these as the text of the Bill is not, yet public.

Here's how they voted:


Please contact senators who voted NO to thank them and ask them to push for a repeal of the AWB, license expiration, NICS check for ammo, mag-cap limit, etc.  Please contact senators who voted YES and promise to support any candidate who runs against them in 2014.  (Remember, we don't condone making threats against politicians here and we certainly don't condone exercising the Right to Keep and Bear Arms against them.)