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Last Fall, there was a class from SUNY Brockport using the RCTV studio on the one night each week when I was available to shoot new episodes.  Then I came down with a severe case of the flu, which lingered through most of January and left me with a residual cough.

Now that we're into February, and I am feeling much better, we will soon have some new episodes for you.  We will start with some of my coverage of a meeting to plan protests against Herr Cuomo's tyrannical, new, so-called "New York SAFE Act" law that the legislature shoved down our throats without any public debate.

Also, the studio has a new lighting setup that is more diffuse and provides much more even coverage.  This means that in the near future, we will be able to reliably use a green background and a chromakey system to shoot episodes with a virtual set instead of just the blue curtain and Betsy Ross Flag.  We will "test drive" the virtual set in the next couple episodes when I introduce the coverage of the protest planning meeting.

[sample of vitual set]This is a sample of our new virtual set.  This background, or a variation thereof, will be behind the studio guest sitting on the right hand side of the studio.  The image behind the host on the left hand side of the studio is still a work in progress.

What do you think the set should feature behind the host?  We are considering a battle ax, other medieval arms, or a dart board.  Contact us with your opinion.  For legal reasons, any suggestions of politicians' heads mounted on plaques will be ignored (no matter how much we may agree with you).