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Yesterday, Governor Cuomo sent a joint letter with the governors of Maryland and Connecticut to the US Senate doubling down on his demand for fascist anti-gun legislation.

In that letter, the governors of three of the most anti-freedom States in the US said, "Without federal action, our citizens are only as safe as the state with the weakest gun laws."  Why don't we take a look at the State with the weakest gun laws?

Some of you may be thinking of Texas.  Some may be thinking Louisiana.  You would be wrong.  In order to find the State with the weakest gun laws, you need only look next door to Vermont.

Here are the murder rates (murders per 100,000 population) for NY and VT from 1996 to 2011:

2011 4.0 1.3
2010 4.5 1.1
2009 4.0 1.3
2008 4.3 2.7
2007 4.2 1.9
2006 4.8 1.9
2005 4.5 1.3
2004 4.6 2.6
2003 4.9 2.3
2002 4.7 2.1
2001 5.0 1.1
2000 5.0 1.5
1999 5.0 2.9
1998 5.1 2.6
1997 6.0 1.5
1996 7.4 1.9

As you can plainly see, the murder rate in New York with extremely strict anti-gun laws is much worse than, "the state with the weakest gun laws."  Clearly the Draconian anti-gun laws The Emperor supports are not keeping us safe.

If you would like a more detailed read on why firearm restrictions need to be reduced in order to reduce violent crime rates, we recommend More Guns, Less Crime by Dr. John R. Lott, Jr.  Lott's study of crime rates covered all 3,054 counties in the United States.  Although this book primarily focuses on overall crime rates, there is a section on mass shootings.  You guessed it — States with less restrictive gun laws also have lower rates of mass shootings and smaller death and injury counts therefrom.