Category: Regulations

Senator Michael Ranzenhofer's monthly column for June is on cutting red tape to improve New York's business climate.  Let's hope this isn't just talk.  Business owners, especially small business owners who can't afford their own legal departments to help them navigate regulations, desperately need the law to be much simpler.

From the article:

"The fact of the matter is that, in addition to high taxes, the other major culprits of New York’s poor business climate are regulations and red tape.  Along with the need to provide tax relief, burdensome regulations continue to be a major obstacle when it comes to revitalizing our economy."

You can read the full article here.

On the same day Mark Glogowski and I taped an episode of Freedom Roc's about sales tax in NY and the lobbyist induced exemptions.  (ex: Wine sold in a liquor store is taxable, but wine sold at a wine tasting is exempt.  Cats and dogs are taxable, but race horses are exempt.)

I really have to agree witn comedian Gallagher when he said, "Beaurocrat should be spelled with a B-O-R-R-O, 'cause that's how they act."