New York desperately needs legislation like the Safe Carry Protection Act signed into law last month in Georgia.  It dramatically increased the legal ability of people to defend themselves in publicly accessible places.  It repealed the ban on carrying in most government buildings, bars, airports (excluding terminals), etc.  It allows school districts to authorize personnel to carry in schools.

The only down side is that it stops short of extending the Bill of Rights onto college campuses.  Of course, this leaves us the opportunity to one-up them.  (I know it will never be signed by Emperor Cuomo and we will not have a veto proof majority in either legislative house — let alone both — anytime soon, but we can still strive for greatness and take what gains we can get.)

It's happened again.  There has been yet another shooting in a "Gun Free Zone"(sic).  Six FedEx workers were wounded and the shooter turned the gun free gun on himself.  When will people learn that "Gun Free Zones"(sic) have deadly consequences?

At least this "Gun Free Zone"(sic) was the result of a misguided employer, rather than being forced on the public by evil politicians.  FedEx has every right to decide whether to allow employees to defend themselves on the company's private property, but must bear the responsibility for the bloody consequences of making easy victims of their employees.

I have setup an account on and placed two petitions online.  The first is directed to the New York State Legislature and Governor regarding modern features on shotguns, rifles, and pistols.  This is specifically tailored to remove New York's ban on so-called, "assault weapons."  The second is directed to the US House of Representatives and Senate demanding a constitutional amendment to limit firearms in use by the military to those that are generally available to civilians.  This will force the government to either allow civilians nationwide to keep and bear tactical firearms or effectively neuter the military.

Petition 1: Allow Firearms With Modern Features

Petition 2: Constitutional Amendment Regarding Firearms

If you value freedom, please sign both petitions.

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo sent a joint letter with the governors of Maryland and Connecticut to the US Senate doubling down on his demand for fascist anti-gun legislation.

[screen shot of a search for committee and floor votes]According to news reports, the New York Senate has passed a Draconian new anti-gun Bill that would limit magazine capacity to seven rounds and redefine the term, "assault weapon," to be much more sweeping.  Unfortunately, the Bill text is not even available to the public, yet (see screen shots).

[screen shot of attempt to view the Bill text]The Assembly is meeting this morning to consider the same Bill.  In the past it has fallen to the Senate to be a stabilizing force to provide a backstop against this kind of tyranny, but with the new leadership sharing BS the Republicans agreed to give the Democrats there will be no more killing of anti-gun Bills in committee.

Other things that are supposedly in the Bill are bans on some ammunition, a NICS check for ammo purchases, and pistol license expiration.  Again, I cannot currently confirm these as the text of the Bill is not, yet public.

Here's how they voted: