Here's some more merchandise to protest the Patient Protection(sic) and Affordable(sic) Care Act (aka: ObamaCare).  These designs feature the Grim Reaper as your new doctor and are all available through the Freedom Roc's CafePress Shop.



"ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ" is Greek for "come take it."  It's commonly used as a more concise wording than, "you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands."  Now, you can get these CGI characters, each with a Gatling Gun, on SWAG in the Freedom Roc's shop.  Each product features one of these characters behind a Gatling Gun with the caption, "Come take it."  The preview images on CafePress are quite small, so the product name indicates whether a product features the male character or the female one.
[CGI characters standing behind Gatling Guns.]

Show your contempt for the New York State Government by burning a NYS flag (printable PDF).  If you post a video on YouTube showing you burning a NYS flag1 and let us know, we might include your video in an upcoming episode of Freedom Roc's2.

[Preview of New York Flag Burning merchandise]
(Note: This design is also available in our shop.)
1 Please do so safely and responsibly.
2 All video submissions will become our property.  A release to use the submission will be required.

Now available on CafePress (click image to visit the shop):
[preview of merchandise]

New Yorkers already go across the PA State Line to buy fireworks.  Now we will have to go to PA to buy ammo without it being entered into a government database.

It's no big secret.  I'm not a fan of Ron Paul zombies, but I am a fan of zombie movies.  For your amusement, here is a link to some of my new zombie products on CafePress:

[design preview]This merchandise features the design to the right in three different color combinations.  Blue with red infill of "ZOMBIES", red with blue infill, and green with red infill.  If there is demand for other color combinations, I will consider them.

Wide aspect products like mugs and bumper stickers have "I don't have to outrun the" on the left, "I just have to outrun you" on the right and, "ZOMBIES" in the middle.

This is based on an old joke.

Two guys were in the woods, when all of a sudden, a bear starts charging toward them.  They instinctively start running.  One guy said, "This is ridiculous.  We can't outrun the bear."

The other guy replied, "I don't have to outrun the bear.  I just have to outrun you."

Remind you of the two party political system?  A candidate doesn't have to be good, just less evil than his/her opponent.  Stay tuned for the upcoming Freedom Roc's candidate endorsements.