Freedom Roc's

Freedom Roc's will not give any personally identifying information you provide us to anybody, unless you threaten somebody.  This web server maintains the same default access and error logs as any Apache web server, however we do not provide the information therein to anybody else.

This site uses cookies primarily for identifying users who create accounts and login.  You do not need them otherwise and can freely disable this site's ability to set cookies.

We do not, however, have any control over the practices of our web hosting provider or any external advertiser.  When you load a page on this site, an ad from Amazon is automatically loaded from their web server, which may be able to determine that you are a user who also accessed other websites containing such ads.  Ads to products on CafePress are stored locally, on this web server.  CafePress does not have access to information about who views them, but can identify who clicks the links.